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Price list on request



All photos, with the exception of Hidden in Plain Sight, are for sale.  If you would like to purchase any of them, please email me for price lists. 

Card prices are listed below.

Drummond: Ranch Life In The West may be purchased  by clicking here to connect to Amazon, or through any online book retailer.

hand-made cards, like the sample below, can be ordered with any of the for sale images on the website, are 4 x 6, sold in packs of 10, can be mixed and matched,

and come with envelopes.   Price is $15 per pack.

The contents of these books may be viewed by clicking on the images.  Books are paperback are 8.5 x 11, and are $16 each 

The cards below are hand made to order and can be ordred with any image on the website